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Return Policy

Return and Exchange Policy
  • Please pay attention to the shipping schedule provided in the product descriptions before placing an order. Confirm the schedule before proceeding.
  • Due to the influence of screen displays and lighting conditions, the actual color of the product may vary. To protect the rights of both parties, it is necessary to record a video while unboxing the package. We can only provide after-sales service if there is a video recording. Requests without a video recording cannot be accepted.
  • If the product is found to be defective during shipping, please contact Cmer immediately upon receiving the product. Please return the defective item, and once the seller receives and confirms the defect, a replacement product will be quickly dispatched.
 Return Policy
  • According to the Consumer Protection Act, online shoppers have a seven-day (including holidays) "cooling-off period" starting from the day the goods are received. During this period, consumers have the right to reconsider their purchase. However, please note that the cooling-off period is not a trial period. If you need to return or exchange the product, please ensure the integrity of the product itself, gifts, packaging (both internal and external), invoices, and all accompanying documents or materials. Any damage or missing parts will result in the rejection of the return request.
  • The external packaging and its contents, as well as any gifts, are all part of the product. If a consumer claims a return during the cooling-off period, Cmer will deduct a fee from the refunded amount based on the level of incompleteness of the returned product (loss, damage, or missing parts), and refund the remaining amount to the consumer.
  • In cases where the buyer fails to pick up the goods for any reason, resulting in a return, only the refund of the product order will be processed. Shipping fees cannot be refunded.
  • We recommend using the original packaging (cardboard box or packaging bag) to protect the product. Do not write anything on the original factory packaging or outer box to avoid damage and to protect your right to return the product.

Return and Exchange Procedure
  • Please contact Cmer via the Cmer Facebook fan page, search for cmer_1111 on Instagram, or send an email to customer@cmer.co. Provide your order number and member's name for inquiries, and a customer service representative will assist you.
  • When returning a product, please include the invoice and keep the packaging and the product intact. Cmer will notify the courier company to pick up the return from your location and deliver it to our customer service department. After inspection and confirmation of the product's completeness, we will contact you promptly regarding the return or exchange.
  • During the seven-day "cooling-off period" (including holidays) or in the case of a return or exchange due to product defects, the buyer does not need to bear the shipping fees.
  • Please inform us in advance when processing a return or exchange. If a consumer sends back a product without prior notice, Cmer will not accept the return and will immediately return the product. The consumer will be responsible for the incurred shipping fees.
  • If the reason for exchanging a product is not due to a defect or quality issue, the buyer will be responsible for the round-trip shipping fees.

When will I receive the refund after returning a product?
After confirming that the return meets the requirements, we will process the refund within 7 working days after receiving the returned goods. 
Please contact your bank for the actual transaction time.

How is the seven-day cooling-off period calculated?
The seven-day cooling-off period starts from the day following the product's receipt and lasts for seven days (based on the date on the delivery receipt or postal stamp). If this period is exceeded, it will be considered as the completion of acceptance. The cooling-off period includes holidays but excludes national holidays.

Which product categories are not eligible for the cooling-off period?
  1. Perishable items with short expiration dates or items that will soon expire upon termination of the contract (e.g., perishable food products, expired goods at the time of return request)
  2. Customized products made according to the consumer's request (e.g., personalized products with engraving, embroidery, printed photos, etc.)
  3. Newspapers, magazines, or periodicals.
  4. Audiovisual products or computer software that have been unsealed by the consumer (e.g., virtual photo albums, voice packages, etc.)
  5. Digital content or online services provided without a tangible medium, which are deemed complete upon provision with the consumer's prior consent.
  6. Personal hygiene products that have been unsealed (e.g., socks, hats, swimwear, pajamas, Nu Bra, stockings, towels, T-shirts, etc.)
  7. International air passenger services.