Shipping policy


payment method

Taiwan  (including outlying islands)

  • Credit card (payment needs to be completed within 5 minutes, Visa, Master, JCB are supported)
  • Superstore code (you need to take the code to the supermarket within 2 days to print out the bill for payment)


  • credit card(Pay within 5 minutes, support Visa, Master, JCB

Shipping method

Taiwan area (including outlying islands)

  • 7-11、Family pick-up without payment, home delivery
    ▲ If you don't pay for pick-up at the supermarket, you need to fill in your real name. If you don't fill in your real name and you can't pick up the goods, Cmer will not be responsible!


  • If the product is returned due to the customer's failure to pick up the product, the buyer shall bear the secondary shipping cost
  • For products shipped to mainland China, due to local regulations, the value of a single product cannot exceed NTD$3200. If it exceeds, it needs to be shipped in separate orders, and the shipping fee will be charged, and a special person will contact you.

Freight calculation

Shipping fee calculation (overseas shipping fee varies according to weight)

  • Taiwan supermarket area 80 yuan, home delivery (Taiwan main island) 120 yuan, home delivery (outlying island areas) 150 yuan
  • Shipping charges outside Taiwan are calculated by weight, and the actual shipping charges are based on the system display.

Delivery time

  • This website is all pre-order (custom) goods
  • 14-21 working days from production to shipment
  • 2-3 working days after shipment in Taiwan (including outlying islands) (excluding holidays)
  • 2-5 working days after shipment from Hong Kong and Macau (excluding holidays)
  • 3-5 working days after shipment to other overseas regions (excluding holidays)
  • The actual delivery time is subject to the status of each logistics.

The actual delivery time will be affected by the amount of orders and shipments, please forgive me

If you just "put the product into the shopping cart" first, it is not equivalent to completing the order of the product, and the system will not reserve the inventory in advance.
Therefore, if the checkout process has not been completed and the item has been sold out, the checkout cannot be continued.